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We offer accounting, tax, and human resources (HR) consulting services.

We specialize in the education sector

We have extensive experience, supporting schools and universities in everything related to their accounting and finance.


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Accounting Consultations

The accounting consulting services provided by CONTAB Accounting will cover a wide range of engagements that assist the Company’s clients in strengthening their internal controls, streamlining their accounting procedures, and improving their financial standing. CONTAB Accounting will offer its clients expertise to help them comprehend the meaning behind their financial data and how those numbers affect their business, as well as assistance in maintaining effective and accurate accounting procedures. The Company will also help its clients in examining their profitability.


Tax Consultations

CONTAB Accounting will drive value and improve clients’ understanding of tax authority rules and processes that affect tax reporting, planning, and accounting for income taxes. The Company will also identify areas of risk, offering solutions that serve to mitigate financial statement and tax compliance exposure. This will be achieved by focusing on each client and its specific operations; collecting insights about clients’ processes, operations, and objectives; and then transforming them into a clear set of requirements.


Human Resource Consultations

We offer human resources consulting and management services, such as validation of references and connections to the social security system (health, pensions, professional risks, and parafiscal), talent development and management, recruitment and retention, as well as the creation and management of adequate structures and processes in the organization, the definition of corporate culture and the establishment of a personnel strategy that supports the key pillars of a company.


International Trade Specialists

The Company will hire one International Trade Specialist in Year 2, and another in Year 4. The International Trade Specialists will be in charge of organizing credit and financial activity and getting payments for import/export transactions. 
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CONTAB Accounting offer comprehensive accounting, tax, and human resource (HR) consulting services designed to increase the growth and profits of small-sized enterprises, foreign and local investors, and entrepreneurs throughout the United States.

Certified Public accountant

Astrid Mora

Certified Public Accountant with ten years of experience in the public sector with a focus on the Human Resources Area, particularly in regard to accounting and payroll analysis, social benefits, withholding tax, and others. In addition, she has 15 years of experience as an Independent Accountant in various educational institutions and as a Statutory Auditor, with a focus on organization, accounting management, taxes, payroll, collecting reports to the various tax regulatory entities, and other state-related matters.

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Astrid Mora

Certified Public accountant

I am an independent, proactive and responsible professional with 25 years of experience in the accounting sector both in the public and private sector; I like to take on challenges and take ownership of responsibilities, with leadership and teamwork skills, excellent performance in environments under pressure. I have the ability to understand the specific objectives of companies and align efforts to achieve them. I am always willing to learn and exploit what I have learned. My studies in Accounting and Tax Sciences along with my experience, allow me to understand the business and the role of companies from a specific perspective to a future expansion, with a strong customer orientation with emphasis on issues of accounting organization, tax, human resources, physical resources, infrastructure, supplies and follow-up on specific requirements of the different entities that oversee educational institutions especially.
Certified Public Accountant, with an experience of 15 years in the public sector with emphasis in the area of Human Resources, specifically in relation to the accounting and analysis of payroll, social benefits, withholding at source and others. And 15 years of experience working as an Independent Accountant in different educational institutions, Fiscal Auditor, with emphasis in organization, accounting management, taxes, payroll, collection reports to the different tax regulatory bodies and others related to the state.


Especialista en Ciencias Tributarias
Universidad Central, Marzo de 2000

Contador Público Titulado
Universidad Central, Mayo de 1997